IS2024 Theme

Advancing Speech Recognition and Meeting New Challenges

For years, our focus has been on enhancing speech recognition capabilities across various dimensions: spontaneous speech, extensive vocabulary, different conditions, robustness in adverse acoustic environments, multiple languages, speaker verification, and language identification. This effort continues.

As technology evolves, we are ready to embrace the next set of challenges and explore new application domains.

While the following preliminary list is not exhaustive, it highlights some intriguing topics: 

  • Speech and Health: Analyzing speech for health-related diagnostics.
  • Animal Voices Recognition: Understanding and recognizing animal voices, such as bird species, bats, and pets.
  • Speech for Memory & Heritage: Preserving and curating historical recordings.
  • Voice Communication Across Ages: Studying speech patterns in Babies and the Elderly.
  • Human-Machine Interaction: Exploring speech in gaming, VR/AR/XR, and Robot Audition