Call For Satellite Events

The Organizing Committee will facilitate the organization of satellite workshops to stimulate discussion in research areas related to speech and language in conjunction with Interspeech 2024.

If you are interested in organizing a satellite workshop or would like a planned event to be listed as an official satellite event, please contact the Satellite Workshop Chairs at

Note that all satellite workshops need to obtain ISCA endorsement. Proposals for the satellite workshops should be submitted to the ISCA workshop portal.
Click here to access.

A guideline for the submission can be found on the ISCA website by clicking here.

Satellite Event organizers who would like to offer co-registration as part of the Interspeech 2024 conference registration form should contact Satellite Workshop Chairs at

The theme of Interspeech 2024 is Speech and Beyond. Whilst it is not a requirement to address this theme, we encourage proposers to keep it in mind.

Important Dates

Submission to ISCA workshop portal: As soon as possible in the following link.

Once the ISCA endorsement has been granted.

Requests for co-registration with Interspeech 2024, submitted to 1st February 2024 14 February 2024 .

Confirmation as an Interspeech 2024 satellite event: 22nd February 2024.

Should you have any queries regarding the suitability of a prospective event as an Interspeech 2024 satellite workshop, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Satellite Workshop Chairs at

Satellite Workshops Chairs

Vered Aharonson, ACLP – Afeka Center for Language Processing, Afeka, the Academic College of Engineering in Tel-Aviv

Helen Meng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong