Venue & Travel


Due to the current security situation in Israel and after consulting the ISCA board, the Interspeech 2024 organizing committee decided to move the conference venue to another country in the eastern Mediterranean – Greece. Details will follow.

To stay updated, we invite prospective participants to regularly visit this website and/or reach out to IS24 PCO, Ortra Ltd. at and/or ISCA conference coordinators at 

We all hope that we will have the privilege of hosting the Interspeech Conference in Jerusalem in the future.

Entry Visas

All visitors are required to have a valid passport, and for some countries, a visa is required. For more information, please contact your nearest Embassy, Consulate, or local travel agency well in advance. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if required


Greece’s official language is Greek, however many Greeks also speak English .

The official language of the conference is English.

Weather and Clothing

Greece coastal regions are classified as having a Mediterranean climate characterized by hot and dry summers and cool, rainy winters.

Greece enjoys temperate weather throughout the year. No rain is expected from early spring through late autumn.

Along with avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, visitors are recommended to wear protective head coverings and use sunblock.

Evenings might be cooler. A light jacket is recommended.


The unit of currency in Greece is the Euro.


Electricity in Greece is supplied at 230V, 50Hz and has a two-pin connecting plug.

Value Added Tax Reimbursement

According to the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law, a foreign tourist is able to benefit from a zero rate of VAT on a vast array of services obtained during a stay in Greece. In addition, a special arrangement exists whereby a tourist may also request a VAT refund on purchases made during a stay.